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Suggestion to Parents
Parents and Guardians would do well to call on the Principal at his/her leisure hours at least once in a term to get information regarding their children and do the need full in time. 

The Co-operation of parents in all the affairs of the college ensures the best conduct of the college.



The hours of instruction shall ordinarily be between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. with an interval of one hour between 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. There shall be five periods of study each of which will be of one hour duration. The teaching work shall be carried out in accordance with the time-table prescribed by the Principal.


The Principal shall arrange to hold class examinations, test papers and other methods of internal assessment for assessing the progress as and when he deems fit. The time-schedule for such examination, test, etc., shall be notified by the Principal in consultation with the other members of the staff. The Principal at the beginning of the academic year shall devise a scheme for implementation of the practical training, in consultation with the members of the teaching staff. The practical training including moot courts shall be arranged to be carried out according to this scheme.


After mid-summer holidays the college will normally re-open on the first of June every year. The college will be closed for about a week for Onam and for about a week for Christmas. Holidays other than public holidays allowed for the college will be notified by the Principal. Students may obtain leave of absence in case of illness or for other satisfactory reason by application to the Principal. 


Attendance will be taken during every class hour by calling out the names or class number of students. Absence for any one period during the day will be considered as absence for half a day and absence for two or more period will be treated as absence for the whole day. Subject to the provisions herein contained, students who are absent continously without leave for a period of more than 20 working days shall automatically stand removed from the rolls of the college. They may be re-admitted by the Principal at his descretion on payment of prescribed re-admission fee. No student will be admitted to an examination unless he obtains three fourths of the total attendance in each semester comprising of 90 working A student who has gained the required progress certificates but owing to deficiency in attendance and not been sent up for the examination may obtain attendance certificate by getting such additional attendance in the following semester.

A student who has failed to earn the progress certificate even in the following semester must attend college to receive such additional instruction as the Principal may in his discretion prescribe so as to enable him to earn the required progress certificate. A Student who has failed to get three fourths of the attendance prescribed by the college for the issue of certificate of attendance during the semester and has not therefore been presented for a University Examination should attend the college to complete the course of instruction until such time that he will qualify for the issue of annual certificate of attendance.