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Suggestion to Parents
Parents and Guardians would do well to call on the Principal at his/her leisure hours at least once in a term to get information regarding their children and do the need full in time. 

The Co-operation of parents in all the affairs of the college ensures the best conduct of the college.



1         Warden Sri Biju. R.K (Asst. Professor)
2 Head Accountant Sri.Ansari A
3 Clerk/Typist Sri Edward Sam, J.
4 Office Attendant Sri Sajeesh, K.
5   Sri Binukumar, K.
6 Sweeper (HG)  Smt. P. K. Pushpa
7   Smt. T. Indira
9 Sanitation Worker Sri Vipin, K. V.
10 Cook Sri M. M. Abubacker
11   Smt. A. Sobhana
12   Sri E. M. Balakrishnan
13   Smt. K. Sathyavathi
14   (Vacant)
15   (Vacant)
16 Boy Servant  (Vacant)
17 Lady Attendant (Vacant)
18   Sri Ramachandra, A. M.
19 Night Watchman  Sri Rajesh, P. K.


1      Prof. A. Sathyaseelan, B.Sc., LL.M. (Principal) 11-08-1997 to 03-06-2003
2 Prof. A. Radha G. Nair (Principal) 03-06-2003 to 03-03-2007
3 Dr. M. C. Valson (Principal) 01-04-2007 to 31-05-2007
4 Prof. K. P. Padmaja (Principal in-charge) 01-06-2007 to 22-06-2007
5 Dr. S. S. Salini (Principal)  22-06-2007 to 02-07-2007
6 Prof. V.T. Ahamed Iqbal (Warden)  02-07-2007 to 30-11-2007
7 Dr. S. S. Salini (Principal)  03-12-2007 to 21-01-2008
8 Prof. V. T. Ahamed Iqbal (Warden)  21-01-2008 to 22-11-2011
9 Sri Kumaran Chalappurath Veettil (Warden)  23-11-2011 onwards