1. General Rules.
1.1 The Library will be under the control of the Principal of the college.
1.2 The Librarian will be Custodian of all documents as well as other articles like furniture, computer etc. in the Library. He/she will
be responsible to the Principal of the College for their safety and maintenance in good condition.
1.3 Admission to the Library is restricted to the students and members of the teaching and Non-teaching staff of this institution.
Outsiders may be permitted to use the Library for reference purpose at the discretion of the Principal/Librarian.
1.4 Members entering the Library shall write their name, status etc. at the visitors Register kept at the counter for this purpose.
1.5 Bags and other personal belongings such as private books, printed paper, files, diaries, Record book, Spiral books etc. are not allowed inside the library and they shall be kept in the personal property counter near the entrance. Library staff will not be responsible for its safety.
1.6 Silence shall be maintained strictly in the Library. Readers are prohibited from engaging in conversation/discussions, misusing of furniture or conducting themselves in any manner likely to cause distraction or disturbance for others in subversion of slience maintained in the Library.
1.7 Using of mobile phones and laptop inside the library is strictly prohibited.
1.8 Books are to be used with great care. Date label, spine label,  Book pocket etc. pasted inside the books should not be tampered with . No person shall write upon or make any mark in the books or any other manner deface or cause damage reducing the value of library books. Contravention to the above if found will be charges/fixed accordingly.
1.9 Book marks shall be used to avoid dog earing of books.
1.10 The members should produce their College Identity Card, while they are in the library, as and when the library staff demand it. Those who fail to produce the Identity Card can be prevented the library privilege.
2. Service Hours
2.1 The Reference section will remain open from 9.30 a.m. onwards.
2.2 Hours of working are subject to change depends upon the staff availability and shall be adjusted/fixed decided by the Principal from time to time.
3. Use of Library
3.1 Open Access: Members will have the privilege of open access to stack room and reading room and they are free to browse among the books on the premission of staff in-charge.
3.1.1 Each book taken for reference shall be got recorded in the separate register maintained for the purpose before going to the reading table.
3.1.2 Replacing of books on shelves by members are not encouraged as it may undo the classified sequence.
3.2 Borrowing Privileges:
3.2.1. Members of teaching staff and non-teaching staff are entitled to borrow 10 and 5 books respectively at a time, and will be permitted to retain the same for a period of one semester.
3.2.2 Graduate and post graduate students are entitled to borrow 3 and 8 books respectively at a time, and will be permitted to retain the same for a period of not exceeding 14 days. Perid of loan can be extended for a period of 7 days, provided the said books are not reserved by others. However, more than two extension will not be permitted. Extension, however, shall not be claimed as a right.
3.2.3 A fine of Re.1 per day will be levied from those who fails to return the books with in the expirty of 15 days, unless the period is extended. The fine will be remitted to the college office and the receipt shall be produced in the library. If the due date falls on a holiday, the books must be returned on the next working day. Books taken out before the commencement of a vacation must be returned not later than the third working day after the reopening of the college. If the books are not returned with in the third day, fine at the rate prescribed will be levied from the due date.
3.2.4 “The provisional and Guest Lecturers are allowed to borrow maximum 4 books. However, they should submit no dues certificate from the librarian before 31st March of every year or before their termination”. They are permitted to use the library for references.
3.2.5 Moot court: The team of candidates selected to represent this institution for the National/State level Moot court competition will be issued 5 Borrowers card temporarily for a limited period on the recommendation of the staff in-charge /Principal.
3.2.6 Absence from the college will not be admitted as an excuse for the delay in returning books.
3.2.7 Books on loan with the members can be recalled by the library at any time without notice.
4. Materials issued
4.1 Books which are kept in the stack room shall only be issued out ordinarily. Books kept as reference, closed reference, rare books, damaged books, micro forms and such other materials as decided by the librarian shall not be issued out.
4.2 Journals, Bound Journals, Periodicals shall not be issued ordinarily.
4.3 The students who belongs to SC/ST community can borrow 8 books at a time for their study under the Book Bank Scheme for a period of semester.
4.4 Members are responsible for the safe custody and return of books intact. Damage or lose of books should be immediately reported to the librarian. In case of any lose, the cost of replacement of the book will be realized from the member concened as per the procedure established. If the books which are sought to be replaced are not available in the market, an amount equal to double the book value will be realized from the concerned member together with accrued fine under 3.2.3.
5. Issue system
5.1 Ticket system of issue is adopted. Each member shall be given a set of tickets called borrowers ticket corresponding to number of books he/she is entitled to borrow at a time. Books are issued in exchange of these borrowers tickets. Tickets will be returned to the member on the return of books.
5.2 Due date for the return of borrowed materials will be stamped on the due date slip which pasted on the Title page.
5.3 The borrowers tickets issued to the members are not transferable.
5.4 The person in whose name borrower ticket is issued will be wholly responsible for all books issued against that ticket. It is therefore, advised that special care shall be taken for the safe custody of borrowers ticket.
5.5 In case of loss of misplacing of borrowers ticket, the fact should be reported to the librarian immediately. After a period of one month of such report a duplicate borrowers ticket will be issued on the production of a self declaration that the borrower ticket is lost irrecoverably and will be produced to the library if found out subsequently. The aforesaid declaration shall be attested by the teacher in-charge concerned. The member shall pay Rs. 50 (Rupees fifty only) for each duplicate borrowers ticket so issued. In case the original borrowers’ ticket is subsequently found out after the issue of duplicate borrowers ticket, the duplicate shall
be surrendered immediately to the library.
6. Withdrawal/Cancellation of Membership
6.1 The library privilege will be stand cancelled after completion of perscribed course and library membership stand cancelled with immediate effect.
6.2 Requests for withdrawal/cancellation of membership may be made in the prescribed form. All borrowers tickets should be returned along with the application, only on the payment of all dues, if any to the library, the membership, will be cancelled and NLC issued.
7. Reprographic Service
7.1 Members can make use of Photocopier facility available in the library. But this facility will be permitted subject to the Copy Right Laws and other Intellectual Property Laws only.
7.2 The service of such facilitty are available only from 10 a.m. to
4 p.m.on all working days.
8. Stock Verification
8.1 There shall be a periodical (Annual) stock verification of the stock in the Library. During such period, the Library will be closed for the smooth conduct of the work and all the members of the library shall return their books in hand to the library.
9. The Principal shall have absolute discretion regarding administration and modification of the rules.
10. Internet facility also available.