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Suggestion to Parents
Parents and Guardians would do well to call on the Principal at his/her leisure hours at least once in a term to get information regarding their children and do the need full in time. 

The Co-operation of parents in all the affairs of the college ensures the best conduct of the college.


The college has Boys’ and Girls’ Hostels attached to it. Admission to the hostels will be made by the warden of the hostels from the second year onwards (viz. from third semester onwards). as per G.O. (Ms.)No. 39/88/H. Edn. dated 24-2-1988. Application forms for admission to the hostels will be issued only to the students who are on the rolls of the college. Those who are admitted to the hostels will be subject to the disciplinary control of the warden, and shall abide by the rules of the concerned hostel. Principal is also empowered to take appropriate action including withholding of progress and attendance certificate for examination, withholding of payment of educational concession, etc., against the inmates of the hostels who are indisciplined or fee defaulters.


1. Attendance
(a) Regular and proper attendance in the college classes is compulsory for every inmate. In case of unauthorised absence in regular classes, the inmate will lose eligibility to remain in the hostel.
(b) Regular and proper attendance in the hostel is essential to qualify as an inmate
(c) Those who do not secure proper attendance in the classes will be ousted from the hostel and in case such a student is enjoying any financial benefit from the college, hostel or government all such amounts shall be refunded and if any due with regard to fee, fine, mess charge etc. all such dues must be cleared with immediate effect from the date of ousting from the hostel
(d) Every inmate shall record their attendance in the attendance register on the days they are present in the hostel and they shall report in the office about their absence in case they are not staying in the hostel during the period of the inmateship.
(e) The inmates especially the inmates in the girls’ hostel shall not leave the hostel between 6pm (evening) and 6 am (morning)*. The inmates who go outside the campus for any purpose are bound to report the details of the same in the hostel office .The hostel inmates who wish to go for college tour also shall seek permission from the Warden.
(f) Every inmate shall produce periodic attendance progress statement from the college authorities to prove their eligibility.

2. Discipline
(a) Every inmate shall maintain strict discipline in the college as well as in the hostel. In case any inmate is found to have violated the discipline in the campus such inmate will be ousted from the hostel.
(b) No inmate shall permit any guest or any outsider to stay in the hostel without the written permission of the hostel. authorities especially during night time.

3. Fee
(a) Every inmate shall pay the hostel fees including the electricity charges and water charges, caution deposit, contribution to hostel welfare fund maintained by hostel PTA and mess charges promptly within the prescribed time and in case of any delay the prescribed fine shall be imposed against such defaulter.
(b) In case any inmate fails to pay any due without any valid reason such inmate will be ousted from the hostel after ten days notice published in the college.

4. Compulsory Mess
(a) Every inmate shall subscribe to the compulsory mess and shall cooperate to conduct the mess regularly, properly and smoothly.
(b) The students shall run the mess properly and shall report the menu; the details of purchases made for it to the chief cook in the hostel and shall maintain proper record for purchase and consumption.
* N. B.—The timing given as 6 p.m. (evening) and 6 a.m. (morning) is changed provisionally as 7.30 p.m. and 6 a.m. (morning) in para 1(e) above, as per Order No. 227/2011 dated: 9-3-2011 of the Principal, in accordance with the direction made by the District Collector Kozhikode on 9th March, 2011.
(c) Those who are not taking hostel mess without any valid reason are not eligible for inmateship in the hostel and the hostel authorities may remove such inmate from the roll.
(d) Every inmate shall pay a mess advance in order to meet the initial expenditure for purchase of provisions and gas and shall clear all the amounts due as mess charges by the last day of every month.
(e) The inmates of each hostel shall constitute a mess committee with the cooks as the advisors and shall decide the menu for each day and the expenditure shall be borne by the members proportionately.
(f) The mess menu and income and expenditure of each day shall be recorded and shall be verified by the chief cook and the record and details shall be submitted in the hostel office for auditing by Government.
(g) Private cooking in the hostel by inmates separately, cooking in hostel rooms, using stove, heater, induction heater and other appliances for cooking etc. are strictly prohibited.

5. Financial Aids
(a) Those who obtain or are eligible to obtain any kind of fee concession, financial aid, scholarship etc. from the Government or any other agency shall report the same in the hostel office.
(b) In case those who are eligible for the financial aid as mentioned above will be reimbursed as and when the funds are received from the concerned authorities.
(c) The inmates who are eligible for mess fee reimbursement shall meet the mess expenses by themselves till they obtain the mess fee reimbursement from the concerned authorities.
(d) Those who are eligible for the financial aid as mentioned above shall secure proper and minimum attendance in the class as well as hostel without condonation or any special relaxation. Otherwise they may have to make full payment of all payment due to the Government.

6. Guests
(a) No inmate shall admit any guest in the hostel without prior written permission from the hostel authorities.
(b) In case any outsider is found to have boarded in the hostel unlawfully the inmates shall report the matter immediately.
(c) Casual visitors who pays visit in the hostel for a short period shall not use the facilities available in the hostel including the water, toilet, mess etc. Those who are not inmates of the hostel, the casual visitors, and unauthorised guests etc. are strictly prohibited from taking food from the hostel.

7. Miscellaneous
(a) Every inmate shall receive the essential furniture and essential utensils issued from the office after acknowledging them in writing. And the same shall be retuned and the discharge of the liability shall be recorded at the time of vacating from the hostel. Transfer of such things in between the inmates or taking of the materials outside the hostel are prohibited. 
(b) Every inmate is accountable for the electrical materials issued to their concerned room.
(c) In case the hostel authorities provide locks and keys to the inmates, the inmates shall use them only. No private lock and key shall be used by the inmates. While leaving the hostel the key shall be entrusted in the Hostel Office.
(d) An inmate against whom any disciplinary action is taken by the college authorities or the Hostel authorities will not be eligible for inmateship in the college hostel.
(e) The first year students of 5 year and 3 year LL.B courses (i.e. the first and the second semester students) are not eligible for admission to the college hostels.