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Suggestion to Parents
Parents and Guardians would do well to call on the Principal at his/her leisure hours at least once in a term to get information regarding their children and do the need full in time. 

The Co-operation of parents in all the affairs of the college ensures the best conduct of the college.


1. The Government Law College Legal Aid Clinic, Kozhikode is an offshoot of the Government Law College, Kozhikode. The primary aim of the clinic is to install Para-legal training to the students of the Government Law College, Kozhikode. The teaching process involve simulation programmes such as legal literacy classes, mock trials, legal aid surveys, participation in lock-adalats etc. It also includes extension programmes including aiding and councelling litigants who are not affluent enough to engage lawyers and to conduct cases their own. Seminars on various problematical areas in law, street-plays inculcating various legal awareness in the minds of public, and other legal literacy campaigns are also intended to be taken up by the Legal Aid Clinic.

2. The Government Law College Legal Aid Clinic, Kozhikode consists of the Principal and the members of the staff Council, Guest Lecturers and part time Lecturers of the college and the students of the LL .B. five year, three year,LL .M. (previous) and LL .M. (final) of the college, librarian and other staff of the library and other ministerial staff of the college office. Moreover honorary members consisting of the reputed members of the Bar of practicing in the High Court of Kerala and Advocates practicing in the District Courts of Kozhikode, Wayanad and Malappuram and sub-ordinate courts thereto can also be included in the membership of the Legal Aid Clinic solely up to the discretion of the Principal.

3. The Principal shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Legal Aid Clinic. Moreover there shall be a Staff Secretary appointed by the Principal who shall be a permanent teacher of the college.

4. The members of the Legal Aid Clinic shall duly fill in a prescribed membership form, which shall be the enabling criteria for being a member of the clinic.

5. The Legal Aid Clinic shall have a general body consisting of the volunteers (members who have filled in the membership form).

6. The clinic shall have a Student’s Secretary elected by the general body of the Legal Aid Clinic.

7. The Clinic shall also have an executive committee consisting of the Principal, the Staff-Secretary, the student secretary elected by the general body and three student members elected by the general body.

8. The officers of the Legal Aid Clinic will be decided by the majority. In case the executive committee divide into equal as to a decision, the Principal will have the right of casting vote.

9. The day-to-day affairs of the clinic will be carried on by the Staff-Secretary in consultation with the Principal and the Student-Secretary subject to the approval of the executive committee.

10. In case of any disagreement with the Executive Committee and the Principal the decision of the Principal shall be final.

11. The fund of the clinic shall be raised by way of donation from the students, teaching and non teaching staffs of the college, alumni of the college other members of the legal fraternity including the Bar and the Bench of the High Court of Kerala, District Courts of Kozhikode, Wayanad, Malappuram and sub-ordinate courts thereto.

12. The funds raised by the Legal Aid Clinic shall be deposited in a joint account in the name of the Principal and staff secretary in a nationalised bank and shall be operated jointly.

13. The income as well as the expenditure of the Legal Aid Clinic shall be audited annually by an auditor appointed by the Principal on that behalf.

14. The Legal Aid Clinic may organise legal aid literacy programmes in which the students have to conduct classes on various aspects of law for the purpose of inculcating public legal awareness in the minds of public.

15. The Legal Aid Clinic may also organise mock trials for enabling the students to get acquainted with various techniques of examination and mode of trials in various courts including the higher as well as the sub-ordinate judiciary.

16. The Legal Aid Clinic may with the co-operation of the District Legal Aid Committee may conduct Legal Aid Surveys in the territorial jurisdictional limits of such courts as may be fixed. The survey reports shall be reported to the concerned courts and District Legal Aid Committee and the volunteers of the Legal Aid Clinic shall participate and assist the courts in conducting Lok-Adalats.

17. The volunteers of the Legal Aid Clinic may conduct counselling of the litigants who are not affluent enough to engage lawyers and to conduct cases their own and to give them necessary advise.

18. The volunteers of the Legal Aid Clinic shall also prepare pleadings for the above mentioned litigants which shall be forwarded to lawyers who are interested to represent them in competent courts.

19. A panel of advocates who are interested to represent the above mentioned litigants may be prepared by principal after consuatation with the judges and he concerned Bar Associations of High Court of Kerala, District Courts of Kozhikode, Malappuram and Wayanad and sub-ordinate courts thereto.

20. The volunteers of the Legal Aid Clinic may conduct Public Interest Litigations by their own before the higher judiciary including the Supreme Court as well as the High Court of Kerala.

21. The volunteers of the Legal Aid Clinic shall also conduct seminars on problematical areas in law by joining hands with the Kerala State Legal Service Authority, Kerala State Human Rights Commission, National Service Scheme (N.S.S.) of Government Law College Unit etc.

22. The volunteers of the Legal Aid Clinic shall also conduct streetplays, skits, other legal literacy campaigns in co-operation with the University Union of Calicut University and various college unions affiliated to the university of Calicut.

23. The provisions of this bye-laws may be amended or revised as per the discretion of the Principal.