1. These Rules may be termed as Government Law College, Kozhikode Cyber Centre Rules, 2012. (“CCR 2012”)
2. Cyber Centre Operator: There shall be a Cyber Centre Operator, who shall be responsible for maintenance of the Centre and providing the facilities. Until Government appoints a competent person, the Cyber Centre Operator shall be appointed by the PTA, Government Law College, Kozhikode in consultation with faculty-in -charge; and his/her service conditions shall be specified by PTA. The Cyber Centre Operator shall report to the Faculty-in- Charge and Secretary, PTA.
3. Cyber Center Operator shall keep the daily accounts of the user charges and shall get the same approved by the Faculty-in-charge. The user charges collected shall be handed over by cyber centre operator to Faculty-in-charge. The collection shall be deposited by the Faculty-in-charge in a bank account in a nationalized bank to be opened by the PTA separately for this purpose. The accounts shall be got audited by a Chartered accountant annually and submitted to Staff Council for approval. The audited and approved accounts shall be published in the college notice board as well as in the official website of Government Law College, Kozhikode annually.
4. The funds collected from the users shall be utilized solely for the following purposes:
A. Payment of remuneration to the cyber centre operator,
B. Purchase of consumables like stationary, toners, cartridges etc.
C. Purchase and repair of computers, other electronic/electrical devises in the cyber centre and peripherals
D. Subscription/renewal of subscription to legal and other databases
If excess funds could be generated by the cyber centre, the same may be kept  as corpus for purchase of hardware and software requirements for the cyber centre.
5. Facilities:
(i) The Cyber Centre is exclusively for the use of bona fide students  on the Rolls and Staff of the College.
(ii) Cyber Centre shall have the following facilities.
(a) Internet/computer usage
(b) Computer Print Out
(c) Photocopy
(d) Access to legal databases as available in the college from time to time.
(e) Any other facility that the institution may decide to provide from time to time.
6. Conditions of Use of Facilities:
a. Working Hours of Cyber Centre shall be 09.00 a. m. to 05.00 p.m. on all working days. Working Hours of Cyber Centre shall be 10.00 a. m. to 04. 00 p.m. on Saturdays. Lunch break shall be from 12.00 noon to 01.00 p.m. Second Saturday will be a holiday.
b. Cyber Centre shall be under the general supervision of Faculty in charge assigned with the charge by the Principal in consultation with staff council
c. The Cyber Centre Operator shall collect the user charges from the user before allowing usage of the system as per the rates hereunder:
Internet /computer/data base usage ` 10 per Hour or any part thereof Print Out ` 2 per page (A4) Photocopy Re. 1 per page (A4)
d. Minimum rate in respect of internet/computer use shall be ` 10.  If the Centre could not provide the facility for special or unforeseen reasons, the amount already paid shall be repaid proportionately.
e. It is clarified that the aforementioned rates shall be applicable to use of facilities in respect of all activities/competitions within or outside the Institution.
f. Only one person shall be allowed to use one computer at a time.  No student shall be allowed to be found near the user while using the computer unless he/she has been allowed to use the nearby system.
g. Students shall not be allowed to operate any device other than the computer allotted to them. Prints shall be taken only with the permission of the Cyber Center Operator. Use of Pen Drive, CDs, external hard disc or other similar devices shall only be with the prior permission of cyber centre operator.
h. Students shall not tamper with, alter, modify or uninstall the operating system or any installed software or hardware or install additional software in the computers without written permission from the Faculty-in-charge. Such written permission shall be  retained by the Cyber Centre Operator in file and shall be liable to be inspected by the Principal or any officer authorized by the Principal. Any student found to have violated this rule shall be permanently barred from accessing any of the facilities in the computer centre and shall also be liable to pay the repair charges and other expenses required to make good the loss occasioned  due to his action.
i. Persons using the facilities shall not engage in any illegal activity as envisaged under Information Technology Act or any other law for the time being in force. Users concerned shall be exclusively responsible for legal consequence of any illegal activity they do in connection with the Cyber Centre, and also would be liable for disciplinary action by the College authorities.
j. The Usage of facility shall be allowed only upon production of College Identity Card by the student. Details of persons using  the facilities shall be entered in the register maintained for the purpose.
k. Time slot shall generally be allotted on first come, first serve  basis. Time slot allotted shall not be transferable.
l. It shall also be possible to reserve time slots of one hour each  per system in advance against payment of ` 10/- for one hour each, which shall be on first come, first serve basis. Centre shall forfeit the amount paid, if the allottee does  not turn up within 05 minutes of the time allotted.
m. Faculty-in-charge shall be empowered to give preference to use of facilities at the Centre for activities/competitions etc. within or outside the Institution, or for other special reasons, notwithstanding allotment already made. If any student who has reserved the time was not allowed to use the facility for this reason, he/she shall have the option to either change the reservation to another convenient time or to get back the reservation fee already paid.
n. College Authorities shall have authority to withdraw any or all the facilities at the Centre without prior notice.
o. Aforementioned rates in respect of facilities or any other rule  may be amended by the Staff Council from time to time.
p. The extract of relevant portions of these rules and amendments thereof shall be exhibited at a conspicuous place inside the Cyber Centre.
q. Any complaints regarding use of facilities at the Cyber Centre shall be referred to Faculty-in-charge, who may decide the matter.
r. Appellate authority regarding use of facilities relating to Cyber Centre shall be the Principal;
s. Any other decision regarding operation of Cyber Centre shall  be taken by the Staff Council of the Government Law College, Kozhikode.
7. Modification of Rules: Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode shall amend the rules in any manner as it deems appropriate.
[Approved by G.O (Rt.) No. 1/2013/H.Edn Dated 1-1-2013]