The Clinical Justice Education Organisation (CLIJEO) of Government Law College, Kozhikode is a teacher-student initiative.
The Legal Aid Clinic of our College has been developed, transformed and re-named as Clinical Justice Education Organisation (CLIJEO). It is an innovation and a wide extension of the old Legal Aid Clinic. The paradigm shift is to meet the challenges of the changing Global Scenario. The CLIJEO is an umbrella organisation under which we now have twenty one sub clinics.
CLIJEO, is an organisation intended to bring world class clinical justice education in practice,
An organisation to facilitate EXPERIENCE OF LIVING LAW
to Students of Law & Tune COMPETENT LAWYERS Sensitized to SOCIAL JUSTICE.
 To enable students learn the law in a real-life context;
 To develop professional and problem-solving skills in the law students;
 To instill in students professional ethics;
 To encourage students to become leaders in improving the administration of justice and to incorporate public service as an integral component of their legal career;
 To impart value based clinical legal education to create socially conscious lawyers capable of intervening in, responding to, and solving socio legal issues;
 To sensitize the students to serve traditionally unrepresented or under represented sections of society;
 To aid the students to become aware of public interest, public policy and government concerns;
 To inculcate in students democratic values and inspire the students the furtherance of participatory democracy;
An organization of the students and for the students, with the assistance of faculty;
The clinical methods which predominantly rely on real life situations and simulation exercises, Para-legal training and various other practical programmes will augment students’ interest in learning. The crux of clinical education is therefore learning by doing.
While the foremost concern of legal education is very much to create good lawyers with sound acumen in law and adept in advocacy skills, creating a sense of justice in the minds of young lawyers is also a great concern of legal education. Hence CLIJEO endeavours to augment the theoretical legal education with Clinical Justice Education.
The activities of the CLIJEO are in tune with the UGC directive of institutionalization, the Bar Council directive of qualitative legal education and the Legal services authority’s objective of access to justice for all.
All the CLIJEO functions are well designed for social engineering.
It includes changing others and changing ourselves.
The CLIJEO has a twin objective to satisfy- capacity building of the students and social empowerment. The achievement of this ojective will be through its multifarious functions giving equal importance to individual initiative and collective endeavours. Its motto is “Legal Capacity for Empowerment”.
The CLIJEO has twenty one sub clinics. They are:-
a) Environment and Development Clinic
b) Human Rights Clinic
c) Family, Women and Child law Clinic
d) Intellectual property rights clinic
e) Dalit empowerment clinic
f) Cyber law clinic
g) Property, banking and corporate law clinic
h) Consumer rights clinic
i) Health law clinic
j) Cultural rights clinic
k) Criminology and Criminal law clinic
l) Liberty and information clinic
m) International law clinic
n) Entrepreneurship development clinic
o) Civil Law Clinic
p) Constitutional Law Clinic
q) Jurisprudential Clinic
r) Taxation Law clinic
s) ADR Clinic
t) CLIJEO Dispute Redressal Forum
u) Campus Open forum
The staff council shall have the power to imtroduce, modify or discontinue the sub clinics.
The basic principles in which the CLIJEO and its sub clinics pedestal its activities are the following:
1) Doing More with less 2) Less formalism 3) Collective responsibility 4) Democratic decentralisation 5) Liberty and Equality  6) Transparency and Accountability 7) Social commitment 8) Unanimous decisions 9) Helping Mentality 10) Democracy the driving force


The following are the rules adopted by the staff Council meeting held on 25-6-2012.
A. General
a) CLIJEO is an umbrella organisation with a number of sub-clinics functioning under it.
It shall have patrons and advisors from among government officers, administrators, industry representatives, Jurists, Legal luminaries and Academicians of High Caliber.
B. Activities of CLIJEO
a) CLIJEO shall undertake such of the activities as decided by the Executive Council from time to time, subject however that the core activity of CLIJEO shall be to provide free legal aid to the poor and impart Clinical Justice Education to the students and public in general, and even while recognizing that there is no comprehensive list of activities or nature of activities that would be defined as forming part of Clinical Justice Education, it shall be the endeavor of all concerned to indulge in activities such as para-legal training and various other practical programs like legal literacy classes, legal surveys and participation in lok adalats, mock trails, study tours, filed work, extension activities including aiding and counselling poor litigants, organize Alternative Dispute Resolution including training and negotiation, conciliation, meditation, arbitration etc., conducting seminars and such other legal literacy campaigns and legal services etc. having direct relationship with Justice Education. A dispute regarding whether any activity is Justice Education Activity or not, shall be decided by the Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode.
C. Membership:
a) Every Student of Government Law College, Kozhikode shall be Member of CLIJEO by virtue of being a student of this institution. Every Student of LL.B and LL.M. courses of Government Law College, Kozhikode shall be entitled to be enroll as CLIJEO Active Servant (CAS) or to participate in the activities of any Sub Clinic of CLIJEO, upon giving such application as determined by General Council of CLIJEO.
D. Officials of CLIJEO:
a) The Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode shall be the ex-officio Chairperson, and there shall be a Faculty Co-ordinator, Faculty Advisors for sub clinics, one student Secretary General, two General Conveners, two Class Co-ordinators, and conveners for sub clinics.
b) All meetings shall be presided over by the Co-ordinator and in his absence a faculty advisor shall preside over. The General Council meetings shall be presided over by the Chairperson and in his absence the Co-ordinator.
E. Appointment and Removal or Officials:
a) The Faculty Co-ordinator who shall be a permanent faculty in Law-and Faculty Advisors of each Sub clinic shall be appointed and replaced by the decision of Staff council of Government Law College, Kozhikode. The student office bearers shall be selected and nominated from CLIJEO Active Servants (CAS) who are actively participating in the activities of CLIJEO, by the Faculty Co-ordinator in consultation with the faculty advisors and they shall be removed from their office by the Faculty Co-ordinator in consultation with the Chairperson and Faculty Advisors for their non performance or if they act against the interests of
CLIJEO. Every student office bearers shall hold office in one post normally for a period of one year unless it is extended by the joint decision of faculty co-ordinator and faculty advisors.
F. Executive Council
a) There shall be an Executive Council for CLIJEO. The Chairperson, Faculty Co-ordinator, Faculty Advisors of all the Sub clinics, Student Secretary General, Student General Convrnor, Class Co-ordinator, and Conveners of all the Sub Clinics shall form the Executive Council. The Faculty Co-ordinator shall be the Permanent Secretary and Treasurer to the Executive Council, who shall be responsible to maintain accounts and all other documents relating to all activities/function of CLIJEO and submit them to timely audit.
b) All activities shall be conducted with the approval of the Executive Council. Executive Council shall meet atleast once in a month.
c) The Secretary General shall maintain a minute’s book containing the decisions of the Executive Council.
d) All accounts shall be presented in the Executive Council and got the same approved before presenting the same before General Council. The accounts shall be maintained by the Secretary General and Faculty Co-ordinator.
e) The decisions of the Executive Council shall be binding on all the constituents of CLIJEO, and as far as possible, the decisions of the Executive Council shall be unanimous. In the absence of unanimity majority decision shall prevail.
G. General Council:
a) There shall be a General Council consisting of all the Active Servants, faculty advisors, faculty co-ordinator, and the Chairperson and it shall be responsible for the general functioning of CLIJEO. The General Council shall meet at least once in an academic year to approve the accounts and to chart the activities. The faculty co-ordinator shall submit an annual report and accounts before the General Council for approval.
H. Working Group:
a) There shall be a Working Group of the CLIJEO, consisting of all the student members of the Executive Council, such Faculty Advisors as are available and all available active CAS. The available members of the working Group shall meet every day at 1.30 pm to review the day to day activities of the Clinic and to plan for its on going functions in an effective manner. The members present in each meeting will take appropriate decisions in a democratic manner. For conducting special functions the Faculty Co-ordinator can convene special meetings with prior notice/short notice.
I. Finance, Accounts And Audits
a) The Financial source of CLIJEO shall be donations from students and public, Government Grants, Grants and Contributions from Governmental or other agencies and individuals, sponsorships etc.
b) At the time of admission of LL.B and LL.M students to this college, a minimum ` 300 (Rupees three hundred only) or such enhanced amount which may be fixed by the staff council from time to time shall be collected from every student/parent/guardian.
c) The existing bank account being maintained by the Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode for the purpose of Legal Aid Clinic in Canara Bank, Vellimadukunnu Branch with Savings Bank Account No. 0839101037889 shall be continued to be maintained and operated for the purpose of CLIJEO and the balance outstanding in that account shall be converted into the Corpus of CLIJEO.
d) The account shall be jointly operated by the Principal and Faculty Co-ordinator.
e) All accounts of CLIJEO shall be properly maintained by the Faculty Co-ordinator and must be audited annually by a Chartered Accountant and submitted to the Staff Council annually, which shall be published in the Notice Board and also in the Official Web site of Government Law College, Kozhikode as approved by the Staff Council. Unless the staff council decides for the reasons to be recorded in writing, funds in the subsequent year can be utilized only after audited accounts for the previous financial year is approved.
J. Dispute Resolution:
a) There shall be a CLIJEO Dispute Redressal forum, (CDRF) which shall decide any dispute relating to functioning of CLIJEO.
b) The CLIJEO Dispute Redressal Forum, shall consist of five members of whom three shall be members of faculty. At least one of the members shall be female.
c) The CLIJEO Dispute Redressal Forum, first try to settle the issues by the principles of mediation through such members as determined by the CDRF where ever possible, failing which it shall act as a tribunal to decide the issues.
d) The Chairperson of the CLIJEO shall appoint the members of CLIJEO Dispute Redressal Forum in consultation with the Faculty Co-ordinator and the members of Executive Council of CLIJEO.
K. Appellate Authority:
a) The staff council shall be the appellate authority. The decision of the appellate authority shall be final and binding on all constituents of CLIJEO.
L. Amendment of Rules:
a) All amendments to three rules shall be made only by the General council of CLIJEO and it shall be got approved by the Staff Council of Government Law College, Kozhikode.
M. Repeal and Savings:
The existing rules of CLIJEO i.e. earlier Legal Aid Clinic, shall stand repealed with effect from the date of approval of the instant Rules by Government Approved by GO(Rt.) No. 131/2018/H.Edn. Dept. dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 17-10-2018.



Higher Education Department – Government Law College, Kozhikode – BBA; LL.B (Hons.) Course – bye-Laws for formation of the Management Forum for Government Law College Kozhikode (MaFLaC) – approved – Orders issued


G.O. (Rt.) No. 3353/2016/H.Edn. Dated, Thiruvananthapuram, 6-12-2016

Read: Letter No. C-693/2016 dated 2-11-2016 from the Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode


The Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode, has forwarded a proposal for formation of a management club for the College named as Management Forum for Government Law College, Kozhikode ‘MaFLaC’ with an objective to provide an interface to the students with industry, to promote and host extra-curricular academic events, to inititate skill development programmes for students and to organise inter-batch and intercollegiate management fest. He also requested to approve bye-laws for the Forum.
Government have examined the matter in detail and are pleased to approve the bye-laws for the formation of Management Forum for Government Law College, Kozhikode (MaFLaC) annexed to this order.

By Order of the Governor

The Principal, government Law College, Kozhikode
The Registrar, University of Calicut, Malappuram
The Secretary, Bar Council of India, Rouse Avenue Institutional Area,
New Delhi-2.
Stock File/Office Copy.

Forwarded/By Order

Section Office