Management Forum for Government Law College, Kozhikode (MaFLaC)
Bye Laws

1. Name: There shall be a Management Forum for Government Law College, Kozhikode which shall be called as and hereinafter referred to as MaFLaC.

2. Aims and functions of the MaFLaC.

  • To provide an interface to the students with profession.
  • To promote and host extra-curricular academic events.
  • To provide academic help and support to students in various subject matter.
  • To initiate an interactive skill development program for students at least once in a month.
  • To host an inter-batch management fest at least once in a year.
  • To host an inter-collegiate management fest at-least once in a year.

3. Memberships

  • All the students of the BBA, LL.B course (Hons.) on the rolls of the college during a year shall be members of MaFLaC.
  • When a student is removed from the roll of the college, he/she shall ipso facto cease to be a member of MaFLaC.
  • The Principal and the other members of the management teaching faculty shall ipso facto be members of MaFLaC.
  • Three regular teachers of the College including the staff council secretary nominated by the staff council shall also be members of MaFLaC.

4. Administration

  • The administration of the MaFLaC shall vest upon an executive committee, hereinafter referred to as the committee, selected for the purpose.
  • The Principal shall ipso facto hold position of the ex-officio chairman.
  • The committee shall consist of office bearers chosen from among the students into the following posts:

A President
A Secretary
A Joint Secretary
A batch representative for each class
(Chosen from among the students of each batch)

  • The Method of choosing the office bearers shall be through an informal election during the annual general body meeting.
  • The term of office of the committee shall be for a period of one year.
  • A committee once chosen shall continue to hold office till the end of year or until a new committee assumes charge, which ever is later.
  • The committee shall be under the strict supervision and continuous consultation of the management faculty of the college.
  •  Any disputes arising regarding the functioning of MaFLaC shall be resolved by the management faculty; in consultation with the Principal and Staff Council.

 There shall be a treasurer nominated from among the regular faculty of the college who is a member of MaFLaC mentioned in clause 3 above.
1 Funding

  • Every member shall pay a fee of ` 500 to MaFLaC during the time of admission to the college.
  • There shall be an independent bank account in the name of the forum; operated by the Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode.
  • The treasurer shall hold control of the transactions and maintenance of the account. The Bank pass book and Cheque Book shall also be in the custody of the Treasurer.
  • Voluntary contributions from industry and public shall also be accepted and accounted in the bank account.
  • The accounts shall be Audited annually be a chartered accountant.

2 Powers and Responsibilities of the executive committee

Subject to the approval of the general body of MaFLaC, the committee shall have the following powers:

  • To manage all affairs of MaFLaC, to incur and meet all necessary expenses and do all such acts as are not inconsistant with these rules.
  • To hold meeting of the committee at least Thrice in a term of when deemed necessary.
  • To make necessary amendments to the bye-laws prescribed in this constitution as and when deemed necessary.
  • To periodically check the register and other records (minutes book, guest book, students’ directory, etc.) of MaFLaC and scrutinise statement of accounts.
  • To scrutinise the annual report, the statement of accounts for the year audited and for the ensuing year to be placed before the general body.
  • To implement all decisions taken by the general body.