Article 1. Name:
The full name of the Society shall be “Government Law College Kozhikode Moot Court and Experiential Learning Society”. The society shall also be known in its short name “Moot Court Society” or “GLCKMCS” (as hereinafter mentioned).
Article 2: Office and Address:
The office of the society shall be within the premises of Government Law College, Kozhikode at Government Law College, Vellimadukunnu, Marikunnu P O, Kozhikode 673012.
Article 3: Objects:
The objects of GLCKMCS are as follows:
(i) To encourage and develop the mooting and other professional skills and qualities of the students of law in general and of students of Government Law College, Kozhikode in particular.
(ii) To conduct moot court, mock trial, arbitration and other professional simulation competitions in various levels including interclass, intercollegiate, state, national, international levels and to raise funds for the same,
(iii) To train students of Government Law College, Kozhikode for  participation in various competitions involving legal and forensic skills such as, but not limited to moot courts, mock trials, seminars, debates, elocution, client counseling, negotiation competitions etc.
(iv) To create awareness among students about the moot court and other professional simulation exercises and to attract more students towards such activities.
(v) To train the members of GLCKMCS in the preparation of case notes, memorials, written arguments and judgments and to give practical training to students which can help the students in acquiring professional skills, by undertaking various learning activities, including but not limited to arranging special orientation courses, and short courses for students in professional skills and issuing certificates for such courses.
(vi) To work towards wholesome professional development of the Members of GLCKMCS in particular and law students in general and creating awareness amongst the students the need for early develop of  professional and interpersonal skills and to promote professionalism amongst the students.

(vii) To develop a culture of self reliance among the members of GLCKMCS.
(viii) To raise funds for the activities of GLCKMCS, by way of contribution from the members and general public and such other methods as approved by the general body of GLCKMCS and unanimous approval of Executive Council and if necessary for the purposes of GLCKMCS, to manage the assets of GLCKMCS, as approved by the general body of GLCKMCS and unanimous approval of Executive Council whose proceeds would be used for the educational benefit of the members while employing fundamental principles and techniques of sound investment practices.
(ix) To open such bank accounts and to operate them
(x) All other activities which are ancillary and supplementary to the activities of GLCKMCS mentioned herein above.
Article 4: Membership:
1. There shall be five categories of members in GLCKMCS:
a. Student Members
b. Associate Members
c. Faculty Members
d. Staff Members
e. Honorary Members
2. Student Membership of GLCKMCS shall be open to the students of Government Law College, Kozhikode who satisfy the requirement prescribed by the Executive Council from time to time.
3. Associate Members shall be those student members who actively participate in various activities of GLCKMCS especially the moot court activities and who are admitted by the Executive Council as its Associate Members.
4. All permanent teachers of Government Law College, Kozhikode shall be automatically admitted as Faculty Members of GLCKMCS and shall continue as such till the time they are continuing as permanent teachers of Government Law College, Kozhikode.
5. The Executive Council can, in its discretion, admit guest faculty and other non teaching staff of the college who are showing keen interest in the activities of GLCKMCS as Staff Members.
6. The Executive Council can, in its discretion, admit any person as Honorary Members of GLCKMCS. All College Union Members, during the tenure of the College union and all past Associate Members, after their passing out of the college shall be automatically admitted as Honorary Members of GLCKMCS.
7. The general body of GLCKMCS shall consist of Associate Members Faculty members and Staff Members.
8. The General Secretary shall maintain the following registers of membership separately:
a. Register of Student, Staff and Honorary Members.
b. Register of Associate and Faculty Members.
Article 5: Executive Council:
1. There shall be an Executive Council consisting of eleven(11) members
for managing the affairs of GLCKMCS including the following office bearers:
a. Chair Person(Ex Officio) —— 1
b. Vice Chair Person —— 1
c. General Secretary —— 1
d. Treasurer —— 1
2. The Office bearers and other members of the Executive Council shall be elected once in two years. The Convener of the Students Council shall be a permanent invitee of the Executive Council.
3. The Office bearers of the Executive Council shall be selected from among the Faculty Members of Government Law College, Kozhikode. The Staff Council of Government Law College, Kozhikode shall nominate the office bearers of the Executive Council as well as four members of Executive Council and rest of the members shall be elected
by the General Body of GLCKMCS.
Article 6: Consultative Committee:
1. There shall be a Consultative Committee of not less than 15 members of GLCKMCS. The Consultative Committee shall be responsible for evolving the policies and programmes of GLCKMCS from time to time.
2. The Consultative Committee shall hold office for a period of two years from the date of election by members of General Body of GLCKMCS from among themselves.
Article 7: Students Council:
1. For the successful implementation of the policies, programmes and objects of GLCKMCS, GLCKMCS may constitute a Students Council with seven members and a Convener. Sub Committees may also be constituted to be in charge of various functions of GLCKMCS. The conveners of such sub committees shall be members of the student Council nominated by the Executive Council.
2. The Moot Club Secretary of the College Union shall be the ex officio convener of the Students Council during the term of his office. In case there is no college union, the Staff Council of Government Law College, Kozhikode shall nominate one student who is an Associate member in
the Students Council in consultation with the General Secretary of GLCKMCS.
3. The Students Council, including office bearers shall hold office for a period of one year from the date of their election by Student members of the General Body of GLCKMCS from among themselves.
4. The Students Council may designate Chief Operating Officials to carry out various activities of GLCKMCS, by heading the various sub committees formed by the Students Council for the same. The Chief Operating Officials shall be from among Associate Members of GLCKMCS and shall hold office for a period of one year from the time of their election by Student’s Council.
Article 8 : Chair Person:
1. The Principal, Government Law College shall be the Chair Person of GLCKMCS. The Chair Person shall preside over all meetings of GLCKMCS, except those of the Student’s Council, which shall be presided over by the Convener of the Students Council.
2. The Chair Person shall be in charge of the general conduct of the functioning of GLCKMCS and shall lead GLCKMCS in its activities.
Article 9 : Vice- Chair Person:
In the absence of the Chair Person, the Vice Chair Person shall discharge the functions of the Chair Person. The Chair Person may delegate any of his/her powers to the Vice Chair Person.
Article 10: General Secretary:
The General Secretary of GLCKMCS shall discharge the following functions:
(a) Custodian of all records and papers of GLCKMCS including financial records.
(b) Person in charge of all correspondences of GLCKMCS including the dispatch of requisite notices for all meetings.
(c) Responsible for maintenance of minutes of all meetings of Executive Council.
(d) Responsible for carrying out all decisions of Executive Council.
(e) Person who can sue and be sued on behalf of GLCKMCS.
Article 11: Treasurer:
1. The Treasurer shall be in charge of finance of GLCKMCS and shall incur expenses sanctioned by the Executive Council from time to time.
2. The Treasurer shall maintain all essential accounts, receipt books, vouchers, cheque books, passbooks and other relevant records.
Article 12: Student’s Convener:
1. The Students Convener shall preside over all meetings of the Student’s Council.
2. The Moot Club Secretary of College Union, Government Law College, Kozhikode, if he/she is an Associate Member of GLCKMCS, shall be ex officio convener, till the expiry of the term of union. In case there is no eligible Moot Club Secretary, the Associate Members of the General Body shall elect one among them as the Student Convener.
3. The Student Convener shall be responsible for drawing out annual plans for the activities of GLCKMCS in consultation with the student’s council and to submit the same for approval of Executive Council.
Article 13: Meetings:
1. There shall be at least two meetings of the Executive Council every year, one in each semester.
2. There shall be at least one meeting of the Consultative Committee and General Body during the course of an academic year.
3. The quorum of the meeting for each of the bodies shall be as follows:
a. Executive Council : Five
b. Consultative Committee : Seven
c. Students Council : Three
d. General Body : Not less than one fifth of the total Membership of General Body
4. Meetings of the Students Council shall be convened by the Convener, once in every month under the directions of the General Secretary.
As far as practicable, the General Secretary and Treasurer shall be present in the meetings of the Students Council.
5. Meetings should be normally held by physical presence. However in urgent situations, where physical presence of all members is not possible, meetings can also be conducted by circulation or in such other mode as the Executive Council by majority decision approves.
Article 14: Removal of office bearers:
If any office bearer of GLCKMCS including the Convener of Students Council does not fulfill any of his/her duties as mentioned herein above, the General Body, by a majority vote may decide to replace such person with another person. However ex officio members cannot be replaced in such manner.
Article 15: Notice of Meetings:
1. Under ordinary circumstance clear three (3) days notice has to be given for holding a meeting of the any of the bodies of GLCKMCS.
2. However, under emergent situations, a meeting can also be held without notice, if not less than three fourths of the members and all the office bearers are present in such meetings.
Article 16: Voting Rights:
Only Associate Members and Faculty Members of GLCKMCS shall be eligible to vote in the meetings of GLCKMCS or its various bodies. Any other member can attend the meeting and raise their opinion, without any right to vote.
Article 17: Contributions & Funds:
1. The Executive Council may decide from time to time, in consultation with the Consultative Committee and Students Council to collect membership fees or contributions at such rates as approved by the Executive Council from various types of members. Such contributions shall be properly accounted for and the audited accounts of such funds shall be submitted to the Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode at the end of every financial year to be published in the notice board and official web site of the college.
2. For furtherance of the activities of GLCKMCS including to meet the cost of sending students to attend various moot court and such other experiential learning competitions and for conducting inter-class, inter-collegiate, National and International competitions and events coming within the objective of GLCKMCS, an amount of Rs 250/-(Rupees Two Hundred and Fifty only) or such higher amount as decided by Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode from time to time shall be collected from the students joining the college and/or their parents/guardians at the time of admission.
3. All investments of funds shall be approved by Executive Council from time to time.
4. The funds generated by investments, if any shall be accounted for by the Treasurer, who shall ensure that the same shall be utilized for the benefit of the members of GLCKMCS.
5. If there are sufficient funds, Executive Council may in its absolute discretion, decide to give remuneration/honorarium to those Associate/Student Members who are engaged in income generating or other socially relevant activities of GLCKMCS, in which case the Treasurer shall ensure the disbursal of remuneration/honorarium in the name of GLCKMCS after properly accounting for the same.
Article 18: Management of Funds:
a. The funds of GLCKMCS shall be managed by the Treasurer as per advice of the Executive Council, GLCKMCS.
b. The funds of GLCKMCS shall be maintained in a nationalized bank by opening and operating separate account/s by the Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode for and on behalf of GLCKMCS. Such bank account/s shall be jointly operated by the Principal and Treasurer of GLCKMCS. The funds already lying in deposit in the name of Secretary, All India Moot Court Competition shall be forthwith transferred to the bank account as mentioned hereinbefore.
c. Accounts of GLCKMCS shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant and shall be submitted to the Staff Council annually and the audited and approved account statement shall be published in the Official website of Government Law College Kozhikode and also in the website, if any, of GLCKMCS.
Article 19: Amendment:
Any of the provisions of these bye laws shall be amended by the Executive Council, by a resolution passed by the Council by a simple majority of members present and voting.
Article 20: Miscellaneous:
1. The general principles of meetings and elections shall be applicable to GLCKMCS.
2. While every endeavour shall be made to arrive at unanimous decisions, questions shall be decided by a majority of present and voting members.
3. Chair Person or other Presiding Member shall have a casting vote in case of equality of votes.
4. Notwithstanding anything contained in the Bye Laws, the First Executive Council, including the office bearers, the Consultative Committee and the first Students Council shall be as given in the Appendix.
[Approved by G.O (Rt.) No. 2098/2012/H.Edn Dated 1-10-2012]