Bye Laws

1. Name:
a. There shall be a Career and Counselling Cell in the Government law College, Kozhikode which shall be initially called as Government
Law College, Kozhikode – Career and Counselling cell (here in after referred to as GLCKCCC).
2. Aims and Objectives: GLCKCCC shall function with the following aims
and objectives:
a. To gather information on job avenues and placements in different institutions and concerns related to Legal profession.
b. To analyse information in the local, regional and national contexts
to explore its relevance and utility for the students in their placements and on-job training.
c. To organise seminars and guidance workshops for informing students about the emerging professional trends and events, job profiles, leadership roles, entrepreneurship, market needs and risks and implementation of national socioeconomic policies and to impart training in soft skills.
d. To promote discipline, healthy outlook and positive attitudes towards national integration and removal of narrow provincial preferences and prejudices.
e. To inculcate essential lawyering, communication and leadership
skills in the students and to enable them to create career opportunities for themselves and their co-students.
f. To create a self sustaining model of Career and Counselling Cell,
which will at the same time, help the college to run the organisation beyond the period of UGC aid, and to generate opportunity for
students to acquire the essential skills required in the profession by practical exposure.
g. To enable the students of Government Law College, Kozhikode to adjust to the professional world immediately on passing out from
the college and in the long run, to act as an incubator for students to step into the legal profession and to set up their career.
h. To promote awareness among the students about the current developments in the field of law, both as a subject as well as a career and to promote activities which would keep the student abreast about the expectation of the stakeholders and the legal industry about them.
i. To bring out such publications, as necessary or appropriate to bring out the views of the college or the individual members on issues relating to law, interdisciplinary studies or legal education.
j. Involving all stake holders including the Government, Alumni, corporate agencies and general public in the activities of the GLCKCCC.
k. Formulate, plan and implement activities for mutual benefit of students and general public which will enhance the professional skills of the students.
l. Such other objectives as the staff council of Government Law
College, Kozhikode may decide from time to time.
3. Constitution: GLCKCCC shall be constituted as follows:
a. The Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode shall
nominate such number of faculty members, not exceeding three, as
it deems appropriate as the Faculty Coordinators of GLCKCCC.
b. Faculty members thus nominated by the Staff Council shall remit
charge upon being transferred from Government Law College, Kozhikode or on going on such long leave as would affect the functioning of GLCKCCC.
c. Faculty Coordinators may be nominated/renominated once in two
years on the basis of their interest in the career counselling activity, and Staff Council shall ensure, while nominating the Faculty Coordinators, that the programmes of GLCKCCC, shall be continued by the new Faculty Coordinators.
d. Faculty coordinators shall be substituted by a majority decision of the staff council assigning reasons for such substitution.
4. Membership: All Students of Government Law College, Kozhikode shall
be eligible to be members of GLCKCCC, subject to the following provisions:
a. GLCKCCC does not have any direct membership. All students who are members of career clubs and otherwise eligible shall be members of GLCKCCC as well.
b. The Faculty Coordinators shall have the discretion to disallow or remove any student from the membership of GLCKCCC or Career
Club on any of the following grounds:
i. Students who have failed to confirm to the acceptable standards of discipline in the College or during any activity organised by the GLCKCCC.
ii. Students who have expressed their unwillingness to join GLCKCCC on any account what so ever.
iii. Students who do not meet the minimum requirement for joining GLCKCC, as decided by Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode from time to time.
c. No Student shall have any right to claim membership of GLCKCCC,
by the mere reason of being a student of Government Law College, Kozhikode for any reason what so ever.
5. Student Council: There shall be a student Council and Student Executive Council for GLKCCC as follows:
a. All members of Career clubs managed by GLCKCCC shall be automatically members of GLCKCCC and shall be members of Student Council of GLCKCCC unless they are found to be
disqualified in any manner by the Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode.
b. There shall be a Student Executive Council (SEC) for GLCKCCC
with one Student member each from each Career club nominated by the Principal in consultation with the Staff Council.
c. One member of the Student Executive Council (SEC) acceptable to
the Faculty Coordinators shall be selected by the members of SEC
to be the Student Coordinator of activities of GLCKCCC. Student Coordinator shall function under the supervision and direction of
the Faculty Coordinators.
d. Student Executive Council shall discharge such functions as directed by the Faculty Coordinators from time to time. Faculty Coordinators and the Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode as the case may be, shall have the powers to veto and supersede the
decisions of the Student Executive Council.
e. SEC shall hold such meetings as may be necessary to discharge its functions. No meeting of SEC shall be valid unless the same is
convened by Student Coordinator of activities of GLCKCCC upon
the advice of Faculty Coordinators, and at least one faculty
coordinator attends such meeting.
6. Powers and Functions: GLCKCCC shall have the following powers and functions:
a. To devise, conceptualise, plan and implement such programmes as are required to fulfill the objectives of the GLCKCCC.
b. To envisage, conceptualise, plan, implement various internship programmes, including in-house internship programmes, and to aid students who are desirous of engaging in internship from time to time.
c. To devise, formulate and implement such fund raising and revenue generating activities that would help GLCKCCC to evolve into a self-sustaining model, including but not limited to, collection of
donations from members, prospective members and parents of members, general public etc., undertaking conventional and non conventional revenue-generating activities etc.
d. To organize various types of lectures, seminars, conferences, conclaves, professional simulation exercises like moot courts, mock trials etc., training camps and such other activities that will help to inculcate an academic and professional spirit among the students
of Government Law College, Kozhikode as envisioned in the
objectives of GLCKCCC, to create career awareness, and generally
to increase subject knowledge of the member students of
e. To organise, coordinate and propagate activities that help the students of Government Law College, Kozhikode to obtain practical
knowledge about legal career, including but not limited to conducting arbitration and mediation activities, legal surveys, legal awareness programmes etc., in consultation with Staff Council.
f. To organize career and other counseling sessions and other programmes to motivate and develop the personality of the students, when necessary.
g. To devise, formulate and conduct various courses that would enhance the career prospects of member students, either by itself or in collaboration with other agencies, to issue certificates etc., on successful completion of such courses.
h. To identify and send the students and faculty of Government Law College, Kozhikode to training programmes organised by various agencies by utilizing its own funds.
i. To devise and implement strategies to ensure employability of Students of Government Law College, Kozhikode, including, but not limited to, setting up and managing incubation centers for a legal career and for start-up ventures by students of Government Law College, Kozhikode, establishing research groups and organisations among the students of Government Law College, Kozhikode and facilitating the students to establish themselves in the legal career, including by floating and/or helping students to float Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV) having own legal entity to augment the employability of the students of Government Law College, Kozhikode, to create employment and/or revenue generation for GLCKCCC and its member students.
j. To coordinate with the alumni and general-public to facilitate the activities of GLCKCCC, including, but not limited to floating an
umbrella alumni association, setting up and managing an alumni fund etc.
k. To conduct activities which in the opinion of the Faculty
Coordinators, shall increase the social outlook and prestige of the college and would either immediately, or in future would generate employment and practical training opportunities for the students.
l. To enter into MOUs and agreements with third parties for the furtherance of objectives of GLCKCCC with the permission of
Principal, Government Law College, Kozhikode and as per the Government rules.
m. To appoint, manage and remove such number of officers, and interns, as the Faculty Coordinators may deem fit utilizing the funds of GLCKCCC.
n. To collect funds from the students and general public by way of subscriptions or donations and to organise fund raising activities, including but not limited to undertaking paid assignments by GLCKCCC, and to manage such funds.
o. To open and operate a bank account for managing the funds of the GLCKCCC.
p. To do such other activities as the Faculty Coordinators deem fit for the furtherance of the objectives of GLCKCCC.
7. Furtherance of activities:
a. All functions of GLCKCCC shall be carried out and all its powers
shall be exercised by the Faculty Coordinators jointly. In case of difference of opinion among the Faculty Coordinators, the matter
shall be referred to the Staff Council for decision, and the Faculty Coordinators shall carryout the decision of Staff Council.
8. Contributions and Funds:
a. The funds of GLCKCCC shall consist of donations, grants, contributions from Central & State Governments/Agencies, Alumni Association, Bar Associations, PTA of the College and well-wishers, students, parents, guardians etc.
b. For furtherance of the activities of GLCKCCC, until it becomes self sustaining, and as long as UGC or other grants/ financial assistance are not available, an amount of Rs. 250/-(Rupees Two Hundred
and Fifty only) or such higher amount as decided by Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode shall be collected as
contribution from the students joining the college or their parents/guardian at the time of admission.
c. If the funds collected at the time of admission are not sufficient for
the furtherance of activities of GLCKCCC, a matching contribution from the existing students may be collected as per decision of the Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode.
d. Such contributions shall be in addition to the yearly membership
fees, if any, to be collected from the members of GLCKCCC as per decision of staff council, Government Law College, Kozhikode. In
any case, the membership fee shall not exceed the amount of contribution collected from the students/parents at the time of admission.
9. Accounts and Audit:
a. The funds of GLCKCCC shall be managed and utilized by the Faculty Coordinators as per advice of the Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode.
b. GLCKCCC shall maintain a separate bank account in a nationalized bank which shall be jointly operated by The Principal and one of the Faculty Coordinators specifically designated for the purpose in
writing by The Principal.
c. Accounts and records of GLCKCCC shall be maintained by the
faculty coordinators jointly and shall be audited by a Chartered Accountant annually and the audited accounts shall be submitted to the Staff Council and the approved account statement shall be published in the notice board and in the Official Website of Government Law College, Kozhikode.
10. Appellate Authority: The appellate authority regarding complaints against any decision of Faculty Coordinators shall be the Staff Council, Government Law College, Kozhikode, whose decision shall be final.
11. Modification of Rules: Staff Council, Government Law College,
Kozhikode shall have the powers to amend the rules in any manner as it deems appropriate, including the name of the Cell. No member shall have the right to
call in question any decision of the Staff Council in this regard.
[Approved by G.O (Rt.) No. 2097/2012/H.Edn Dated 1-10-2012]